Introducing our game-changing “RECRUIT ME” unisex Tee-shirt, designed exclusively for amateur athletes who possess unwavering confidence in their play and are determined to get recruited for college sports. This tee is not just an ordinary tee, it’s a powerful statement that displays a sense of confidence and seriousness, symbolizing your commitment to your athletic journey.  It demands attention that sets you apart from the competition and serves as your personal advertisement to coaches and recruiters proclaiming your readiness to take the next step in your athletic career.  Whether you’re dominating the field, court, or track, wear the “RECRUIT ME” Tee-shirt at your next showcase or campus visit to make a statement, seize your opportunities, and leave a lasting impression on coaches and recruiters that you are ready to join the ranks of the recruited and let your talent shine.

Comes in 2 colors: Black & White

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