Introducing our revolutionary “DRAFT ME” unisex Tee-shirt, designed exclusively for college athletes who possess extraordinary talent and skills to be drafted into professional sports.  This tee is not just an ordinary tee, it’s a statement of confidence and ambition that announces your readiness to step onto the professional stage.  The “DRAFT ME” Tee-shirt is not for everyone, so by wearing it, you instantly separate yourself from the rest, commanding the extra attention you deserve from teams, coaches, and scouts while leaving a lasting impression on those who witness your athletic talent.  Wear the “DRAFT ME” Tee-shirt with pride to showcase your abilities, attract the attention you deserve, and pave the way for a professional sports career. Join the ranks of the elite, stand out from the competition, and make a statement that leaves no doubt; you are ready to be drafted.

Comes in 2 colors:  Black and White

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