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Results happen over time, not overnight. Work hard, stay consistent, and be patient.

Glenn is the creative voice of the Field Goals for the FDA podcast.  He is an avid sports enthusiast who has a deep-rooted passion for amateur athletics.  Often during the fall sports season, his Saturday’s are his Sunday’s as he is a huge college football and basketball fan.

Growing up being a multi-sport student athlete, he watched his brother earn a DII baseball scholarship which motivated him to play sports in college as well.  But studying to become a Mechanical Engineer quickly derailed that dream with the heavy course loads and late-night studying demands.

Upon graduating from college, Glenn raised his son in the Washington, DC Metro area, guiding him in a similar fashion as a multi-sport student athlete as well.  His son possessed a natural talent playing football and quickly rose through the ranks to become a 3-star athlete out of HS.  Not knowing where to begin, Glenn sought the assistance of his athletic network, to help him navigate his son through the often-difficult recruiting process.  It paid off too, as his son was able to obtain a DI football scholarship at Marshall University.  But it was going through that process and witnessing the many struggles and lack of knowledge parents often face trying to help their sons and daughters get recruited is what sparked the idea of the Field Goals for the Focused Driven Athlete Podcast and brand.

Glenn’s goal for this podcast is to connect the “how to” behind sports with the lived experiences of industry experts, coaches, and former professional athletes to provide an informative and engaging listening experience for both parents and athletes who wish to maximize their play, gain an edge over their competition, and achieve their on- and off-the-field athletic goals.

Glenn is a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and The College of William & Mary with a Masters in Business Administration.  He and his wife Kimberly, a former DI basketball player, have a daughter together where they enjoy attending sporting events, watching their son live out his athletic dreams, exercising, and traveling.

Glenn E. Hames

Founder & Podcast Host

Growing up in Central New Jersey, like most teens, Kimberly started playing sports to hang out with her friends and to avoid doing after school chores.  A natural competitor, she honed her skills playing basketball in the Tri-State area and competed against some of the region’s top female basketball talent.  Kim’s basketball skills and competitive spirit caught the attention of many DI programs, however, during the recruiting process, she fell into a similar position like many other talented athletes.  Her parents didn’t know how to guide her through the recruiting process, forcing her to rely on the advice of her High School coach. Fortunate for her, it all worked out in her favor.  Kim took her talents to Washington, DC to play DI basketball for American University. 

A lover of sports, championing the idea of educating parents and athletes how to achieve their athletic goals and play the sport of their choice at the highest level was a no brainer.

Kimberly supports the Field Goals for the Focused Driven Athlete podcast by evaluating featured guest, overseeing merchandise apparel and approving brand content.  Kimberly is a graduate of American University with a degree in Business and a double Master’s Degree graduate from University of Virginia’s, Darden School of Business.  She and her husband Glenn have one daughter and together they enjoy, traveling, exercising, attending various sporting events and watching their son achieve his athletic goals.

Kimberly D. Hames

Field Goals Advisor

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